I was going to say “Happy New Year”, but I figured everyone’s probably tired of hearing that by now.

I have had the bestest New Year. I got to see Adam and Eric like twice in a week (which is unusual because they’re city folk). We had dinner and then they left to go home. I wish I had a place to entertain!!!!

At this point my cousin calls me and invites me to “chill” with him and his two female companions. It was fun, but they were kind of young (18 or so). On the way to their house to drop them off (they wanted to go to church at midnight) my car dies and we’re stranded in the boonies waiting for help. It was FREEZING.

Isaac and Scotty came to the rescue and took me to a party with some college friends. I drank alot (played drinking games) and got pleasantly plowed. Then we left and all day today I’ve been feeling completely zen.

I’ve been so at ease today, that I feel like I’ve done something I shouldn’t have. I’m completely sober but I’m just mellow. Awesome.

So this has been my best New Years EVER. There was no boyfriend drama, no friend drama, and no feeling like a loser because I was at home with my parents. That must mean that this year (as the past five or six) is going to mimic my New Year’s attitude and KICK ASS!!!!



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