Edible Christmas Trees

I’m eating a christmas tree. Damn, little debbie makes ’em good!

I’m hoping to finish my Christmas shopping today for everyone but my parents. I finally got a new phone (and it ROCKS!) so I’m back in the loop finally!

Also, I called all the peeps I’ve been neglecting these last few months. I feel really bad, but sometimes I just fall short in keeping up with everyone I care about. It doesn’t mean I don’t care, it’s just sometimes overwhelming to have to keep all these different groups of one or two friends happy. I guess one isn’t a group, but all my friends don’t always mesh well. Different interests and backgrounds, I guess. Also different age groups. It makes things kind of weird sometimes, when I try to get them to mingle. I’ve given up trying.

I always get crushes on the class clown types, and usually I’M the butt of the jokes. Why is that? I know that they are insecure little boys and that’s why they mock the people they are interested in, but it says something about the level of respect they feel for me, doesn’t it?

I feel it does. I don’t care how much a guy may claim he respects me -if I’m getting upset about his teasing and he’s too damn thick-headed to shut the HELL up… He’s not seeing the real me.

Besides, I’m about to move in a little under a year: I bet I’ll meet someone just AWESOME at college. It would be so great to meet someone else who’s as ambitious as I am about school and career. Someone who recognizes that I’m brilliant and beautiful and modest. LoL

SO anyway, things are going well. I’m getting my holiday shopping just about wrapped up (heh… wrapped up…) and feeling alright about all my responsibilities… Except I should be practicing my latin during this break because I have to pick up on chapter ten as soon as we get back to classes. YIKES! Keep your eyes peeled for pix from my new camera phone!


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