Isolated Melodrama

SO I’m getting out of my car this morning, all gussied up for the bridesmaid dress search this afternoon, and I hear a clanging sound. It’s a bell (cowbell?) being rung through the woods behind campus.

This bell lets all the RESIDENT students know that today is October day and all classes have been spontaneously cancelled and “fun” community activities shall ensue until late this afternoon.

I was all excited about October day because I have a full schedule on MWF. Today is Thursday. Not only do I not have a class at all today, but I work in the writing center from 9-12. I don’t think I can close down and leave just because there aren’t classes…what if someone needs help with a paper at the last minute? So here I sit, in an abandoned class building, while all the neato stuff (poetry slams, tango lessons, etc.) goes on elsewhere. SUCKS

Oh, but at least I look really good here, all by myself with no one to notice. Except for the run in my stocking, and that I didn’t bother putting on the garter belt to hold up my thigh-highs. feh, I can’t win.

I’m hungry.

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