Friday night blues

It’s friday. I’m sure by now the party is in full swing.

Adam: I’m so sorry. I really wanted to come into the city tonight. I really needed it.

Unfortunately, when I got to the mechanic place to get my car, our check card was declined. Not only was I humiliated, but I’m now stranded and at the mercy of my benevolent friends all weekend.
I was really hoping that I’d be able to get away this weekend. I seriously feel like my sanity is trying to sneak out while I’m half-conscious.

It’s almost over it’s almost over it’s almost over it’s almost



2 thoughts on “Friday night blues

    1. Oooh…
      I want to go “striping” in the bedroom. How does one stripe? Oh… Or did you mean “stripping”? (wish there was a devious emoticon) Heh heh heh… I got a haircut finally. At the haircut place I recognized (not sure if he recogniazed me or not) that guy from the source… “Death Boy” or “Death Bunny”? Remember him? He’d occasionally go in a pretty convincing drag ourfit -red dress, red hair, makeup and all that. Anyway, couldn’t help but remember him that way and chuckle inwardly. He looks pretty conservative now. Looks can be decieving.


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