I’m back in the saddle again, oh yeah…

Well it’s morning again. I was wrong about Sebastian last night. He actually slept until almost 4am. So I got some sleep.

I haven’t sleep really well, in fact I haven’t had a good night’s sleep, in weeks. I’m tired. I feel like I’m about to crack.

Sebastian being sick on a nearly constant basis doesn’t help.

Last night he broke my glasses while I was trying to go comatose on the floor. This morning I took a shower finally. I felt so grubby. When am I supposed to do these things?

I always get rejuvenated by a change of scenery. Perhaps moving to dekalb will give me more of a sense of control over my life. I think it would be better for both of us (Sebastian and I) if we moved somewhere and both had our own space. One apartment where he could have a room just for himself and I could put my bed in the living room (unless we could get a two bedroom). I’m pretty sure the university apartments are one bedroom or smaller. Either way, I could give him the bedroom and he could have all his toys, I could even get him one of those little slides that are made of plastic. The ones with just a few stairs. He loves to slide.

I could make it into a little playroom for him. It would be so great. I’d be living in a college town with people everywhere from different places.

We’d have everything we need during the week right there on campus. Maybe if I had enough financial aid leftover I could get a meal plan too, and we wouldn’t have to cook so much. Well, I wouldn’t have to cook so much.

Of course if I move away from Rockford then I’d be a whole 45 minutes away from most of the people I know. That could be a good thing. Maybe I’d meet someone new. Here’s a question… Does anyone else out there believe in the concept of “soul-mates”? Do you think that a soul mate is automatically compatible, or do the powers that be fuck with us by making them complete assholes?

Anyway, I’m at school “working” in the writing center right now. I guess I’ll try to look more “available” for a while.


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