grumble grumble

My tummy is hungry.

I’m so lucky! I got to work today and there are NO students signed up for tutoring. That means all I have to do is make myself available and otherwise I can sit around, do my reading for English Lit, and play with this infuriatingly slow computer. Yay!

I’m starving and my son has been having issues at daycare this week. He’s only one, and he’s been switched to a new room because there were too many kids in the other class and he’s one of the newest. But he’s been there for almost a year! The poor kid’s having separation anxiety all over again because his routine has been altered.

As much as I want to just have him returned to his old class (I cannot stand leaving him when he’s clinging to me and crying pitifully) I can’t. He’s got to learn to adapt to new situations. I want him to embrace change and know how to be happy wherever he is.

When I was a kid we moved when I was 1,2,4,8,&10. Even when we settled on a city to stay in, we still moved every couple years to a new place. I’ve learned how to adapt and it’s an ability that has done me well. Also, I plan on moving in the next year. He’s got to learn it. I just hate seeing him so upset. He’s so young, he doesn’t have the rational capabilities to understand that I am coming back EVEN if he’s somewhere else. He’ll learn, and be stronger for it. Still I feel like such a bitch pulling him off and handing him to the daycare ladies. *sigh*

I’m sneezing and I think another cold is coming on. Dread. I will go and buy zinc tabs today. They WILL cure me instantly!!!

Maybe if I come back later I’ll have more interesting things to say.


2 thoughts on “grumble grumble

  1. HEY!
    SO, all the nurses here are trying to get me to go into nursing, or anything medical. She says there such a great need for nurses, its not even funny. I guess it pays really well. I also know that specialty nurses, go ALOT of places for travel. Like, they go to NY, or LA for the weekends. I think that would be lots of fun!
    And there are programs here in the city where you can be a nurse in 2 years. for like $3,000. Thats pretty cheap.
    I dunno. I’m thinking about it. Maybe..
    You should find out if your school does the Flu shot. I just got one free from work. Maybe you should too!
    As for sebastion. He will be fine. I hardly even remeber being one. It was the trauma I had in Kindergarden that I barely remeber. but then… I was a naughty child.
    Hmm….. You should come in some weekend soon, to help me paint my walls. Were doing like…. A rich red in the dining room. and a complementary blue in the living room. Signiture Eric Orange in the 2nd Bedroom, Purple in the bathroom, and we havn’t decided what other colors yet.
    : )


    1. “Nurse Adam, can you bring that stool sample please?”
      Heh heh…
      Nursing is actually a wide-open field when it comes to finding a job. There’s always a need for nurses, and yes they do get paid well. My sister’s a nurse and she gets to make up her own schedule and still gets paid like alot.
      I’ve been trying to message you tonight, but you’re “off-line”. Call me sometime, I have my phone again!
      You’d melt if you saw him crying when I leave. I just want to stay and hug him. *sniff*
      I’d love to come in some weekend… by the way, are you two planning on having a house warming party at some point? I’d really like to invite Andy to one of your parties (In the bi-ig city *hee haw*). Then you could tell me whether I’m crazy for liking him, he and I could get to know one another a little better, and I could show him that I’m a three-dimensional person.


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