I can smell the finish line!

I went to my advisor and got a withdrawal form.

Tomorrow morning I have to get my professor’s signature, and then I’ll be free. Finally I can feel like I’m succeeding again. I am so happy.

The Mercury retrograde ends on October 26. When Mercury is in retrograde, shit storms tend to pop up all over. Breakups, health problems, and personal tragedies tend to just occur. I HATE it. Soon it will be over, though, and I’ll be happy!

October 31st is the first annual Witches’ Ball in Rockford!! YAY! I want to go. I need a sexy ballgown with lots of cleavage potential. And maybe a cool masquerade mask.

My eye still hurts from the kick, and Sebastian has had a fever all day. Poor baby. I hope he’s better tomorrow. I can’t afford to miss any more classes.

Okay… Here’s some truth, since everyone’s spouting off in Mercury’s wake. Randy and I have made contact again, although we haven’t seen each other in person. He wants to get together, just as friends of course. I know I have to keep my distance from him or I could possibly fall back into the cycle. I’m free of it now, and I’m so anxious to meet someone completely new. It’s been YEARS since I’ve met someone new. I started dating Randy in 2001 and with the exception of my “baby’s daddy”, who obviously didn’t stick around long, I haven’t dated anyone new and promising. Dave was an old, good friend and the chemistry just wasn’t there.
Now I have the opportunity to meet someone fresh and new. Someone I don’t already know. Someone who might have the chemistry AND the demeaner of a friend. GOD, it would be so nice to have a relationship that doesn’t fail miserably. I think I may be avoiding some personal knowledge that’s ruining all my relationships. I know a lot of them were damned from the start. If you pick the wrong guys in the first place you can’t blame yourself when it doesn’t work out. Maybe that’s what it is.
I must mull this over a while. I think this calls for a Triple Black. My new favorite bottled beverage. Any suggestions on what might be horribly, horribly wrong with me?



One thought on “I can smell the finish line!

  1. You tied a string around my finger…
    I thought that part of the whole breaking up with “whatshisname..Dave?” was so that you could focus on school and Sebastion?
    I mean, I know that you and Dave were more friends than lovers… but you DID say that you need to focus on SCHOOL and BABY!
    I also understand that a NEED to meet new people is a human need. We are always wanting to meet new really neat people….
    I just wanted to remind you of your own words….


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