Well I cleaned my apartment today. THAT is an event. I did not, however, even BEGIN the lab report that’s due tomorrow at 1. Nor did I answer the phone when Dave’s mom called TWICE. She wants to watch Sebastian or invite us to a family thing of some kind. How do I deal with this?

I’m wanting to break up with Dave and I apparently will have to also remove myself from his mother’s life. UGH. I need to organize.

I rearranged the living room today. That’s something I accomplished. I’m not paying 20,000 dollars a year to get graded on the cleanliness of my home, however.

I think I’ve been nursing a crush on the same mean jerk for the past two years. I hadn’t really allowed myself to pine for this person, but now that I’m unhappy in yet a THIRD relationship since… I keep catching myself thinking of him AGAIN. What to do? I’ve always wanted an “unrequited love” badge.

…emotional masochist…


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