Well it’s that night of the weekend when I’m usually out with friends getting as messed up on chemicals as I can without feeling guilty or falling asleep. Unfortunately, I’ve been disowned by my baby sitter. Again.

My mother usually takes my little angel for one night a weekend and I get some much needed “adult” time to myself for irresponsible relaxation. I’m so stressed out, and it’s supposed to be spring break. There’s snow everywhere, I nearly got in a crash today it was so slippery. Why can’t it be spring break in the friggin’ SPRING?

I’ve been feeling very lonely lately. I realize that not having a boyfriend is contributing to that feeling, but honestly I think the relationship I just left was only masking my true needs anyway. I refuse to be in a “convenience relationship”. Now I’m having difficulty remembering exactly WHAT I was thinking when I told myself it was going to last this time around with him. Oh well, I’ve escaped with my identity pretty much intact.
I’m online writing in my LifeJournal on a Saturday night. How depressing. My mommy STILL hates me and my friends are all hanging out, without children, and doing things.

I think I’ll scrounge up something to eat. I’m starving.


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